Frank deGruy Chair of the Department of Family Medicine portrait

Frank deGruy, MD, MSFM, Woodward Chisholm Professor and Chair Department of Family Medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine


For the past four years, a small team of us at the University of Colorado have edited a publication called Precipice: Pushing the Edge of Family Medicine, which deals with interesting and difficult issues in family medicine today.

This issue of Precipice, and the salons that will follow its publication, will address the rising predominance of women in family medicine, what this means for the women themselves, and how it can inform the future of our field. What are the welcome changes and opportunities this trend is bringing? What insights, challenges and calls to action accompany this change?

To contribute to this conversation and to spur good thinking prior to the salons, we wanted to begin by hearing directly from women involved in family medicine.

To paint the richest picture possible, we reached out to a diverse set of contributors. Our goal was to include a range of vantage points—women in different roles, at different points in their careers, working in different places.